As expected, there is a fair number of the Niccum family buried in the cemetery,  along with several other surnames of people who married into or were otherwise affiliated with the Niccum family. Danville, Virginia The Lanier House, the oldest documented residence in the city, was built in 1830 by Danville's first mayor, Captain James Lanier. My parents planned on retiring from the military so they bought a brand new house. Founded in 1968, Forest Glen Preserve is 1800 acres in size. Park General Information. It’s definitely not haunted, but worth seeing, if only for the ambience. There's the possibility that the deceased lay in wait hoping a loved one will come by for a visit. Denmark had been known as a place where liquor flowed handily and where prostitution, gambling and fist fighting in the streets were the norm. In 1925 the powers that be in Vermilion county decided to flood the area of Denmark,  thus creating what is now known as Lake Vermilion. So what about the hauntings? It is said to be haunted by a ghost (or maybe two or three) who moans or cries tears onto the bridge. Danville, Illinois 37.9 miles from Vermilion, IL Fischer Theater was a 19th century opera house located in Danville, IL that has served many purposes over the years including housing, stores, and of course, a theater. More information about Danville Indiana’s Haunted Bridge The railroad bridge that spans White Lick Creek in Avon was being constructed in 1907 by immigrant Irishmen. The Civil War Orphans’ Home was opened in 1865. Ross Brown. Some witnesses have reported being overcome by an oppressive force upon entering the bounds of the cemetery. I went there many times as a child and young adult. It is situated upon a mound comprised of about an acre of land. He was buried in a portion of Gordon Cemetery that was located in the now extinct town of Denmark, Illinois, a small community that had  existed northwest of Danville. Danville, Indiana The Haunted Bridge of Avon is half mile south of U.S. Highway 36 on CR 625. ( Danville, IL ) Disclaimer: This review was supplied by an outside source. '' : 'none'; --> It is often assumed that whatever ghosts may lurk theses grounds must belong to those who were buried within the confines of the cemetery. Due to COVID regulations entrance limited to 50 people. Vermilion County is located on the Indiana state line, 120 miles south of Chicago. Your CommentsHave a photograph taken from this location? The Danville and Hoopeston Jaycees are teaming up again for a haunted house. DANVILLE — Haunted Happenings returns to Kennekuk County Park Saturday Oct. 21, and will feature new trail scenes for the whole family. Other haunted towns near Danville, Illinois: Tilton, Illinois, 0 miles away Westville, Illinois, 5 miles away Bismarck, Illinois, 7 miles away Catlin, Illinois, 7 miles away Georgetown, Illinois, 8 miles away Alvin, Illinois, 9 miles away Henning, Illinois, 10 miles away Oakwood, Illinois, 10 miles away Fithian, Illinois, 11 miles away